our gin is so smooth you can even
Drink it on the rocks
Thanks to the balanced mix of our botanicals and our 21st century
distillery process we have created a real sipping gin.
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Legacy of

Antwerp is the home of quality, creativity and craftmanship.
This is why we are very proud to have our whole distillation
and botteling process in our beautiful hometown! Utilizing
everything this region has to offer from the local water used
for distillation to our label manufacturer and pure alcohol-supplier.

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john doe, head chef

A Wonderful Restaurant


The Kettle

Thanks to the constant reflux created by
more than 1000 springs in the column of
our “kettle” we obtained a beautiful,
smooth and round flavour our gin is so
famous for.
Cold front
From here we collect our final product.
We destill all our 12 botanicals at the
same time, also known as the London
Dry Gin method.
The Drunken Horse Gin cocktails

6 times award-winning gin, served in...